UNiDAYS: Brand Positioning

UNiDAYS: Brand Positioning


Challenge: Evolve UNiDAYS’ positioning to take them beyond the discount.

Key observation: College is a test drive for real life.

Strategy: UNiDAYS is a platform for your experimentation.


Research approach

We started with a competitive analysis of student discount sites. Honey, retailmenot.com, and Student Beans revolve around saving money. Even their names mention money and saving. These platforms did discounts simply and easily. In contrast, UNiDAYS had hundreds of negative reviews lamenting their clunky platform and frustrating verification system. Internally, the brand wasn’t living up to their highly emotional name.


UNiDAYS didn’t live up to its name

UNiDAYS is short for “university days,” a phrase popular in the UK. When thinking of your college years, you probably remember stressing about classes or going to parties, not getting discounts on shoes.

UNiDAYS’ platform fell short

The only benefit UNiDAYS was giving students was the student discount, and even that process was clunky. We saw from reviews and experience audits that there was not enough keeping students interested beyond discounts.


We knew that UNiDAYS wasn’t going to beat other sites purely on discounts. They had to offer something more valuable to students than 20% off makeup. We looked to the phrase “university days” as inspiration. To get to the core of how UNiDAYS could grow their values beyond saving, we had to answer the question:


What does college mean to a college student?

College is a big balancing act. Make sure you time manage to the best of your ability so you can experience as much as you can.
I wanted to be independent, I was so happy to be out of the house. I could wake up and lead my day the way I wanted to.
I was beyond ready to get out of my mom’s house. At orientation, I realized all of the possibilities and wanted to try everything.

These excerpts from our interviews showed the college was about balance, independence, and trying new things.

UNiDAYS’ positioning evolved from the brand of saving students money to the platform for your experimentation.

Revamping UNiDAYS (Experience Design)

Save: The discounts are still here, just organized by category or collection. The revised app will have a user profile to reduce sign-in time and help students track spending.

Earn: For students seeking experience, UNiDAYS has a selection of internships, freelance gigs, and scholarships to help them not just save money, but earn it.

Enrich: With UNiDAYS’ unique take on saving and earning money, they can become a resource for students learning how to budget, pay off debt, and pick credit cards.

Getting the word out (Creative Campaign)

To raise awareness for the new UNiDAYS, we placed ads on Spotify and Instagram. Additionally, we created a “back-to-school” kit for incoming college freshmen. The combination of mobile ads and an experiential activation showed that UNiDAYS was more than just a discount platform. The creative concept was Bad Advice vs Good Advice. Using the springboard of experimentation, we played on absurd ways students might save money, get an internship, or get a scholarship. And, of course, showed that UNiDAYS made all of these things easier.


My role: primary and secondary research, interviews, collaborating on brand strategy and positioning statement, building presentation narrative, presenting to client, answering client questions

The team for this project was Meredith Makhoul (ST), Imani Sherrill (ST), Alexander Whiteway (CBM), Joelle Halle (XD), Dakota Ward (AD) and Sean Johnson (CW)