Patanjali: Brand Launch

Patanjali: Brand Launch


Challenge: Take the Indian ayurveda brand Patanjali and launch it in the US.


Tension: Ayurveda encourages small additions and routine to drive overall health, but Americans believe that health means deprivation.


Solve: Use the boom in subscription boxes to give Americans their first taste of Patanjali.



WTF is ayurveda? Americans are not familiar with ayurveda. Its complicated dosha system throws off new customers and feels overwhelming,

Patanjali reads as “sketchy.” Health and wellness websites in America are muted in color and simple in design. Patanjali is neither. The website feels like a MySpace profile circa 2005, not like a place you want to buy wellness supplies.

Getting healthy in the US means deprivation. To Americans, health means diets and diets mean deprivation. We need to show that Patanjali isn’t a fad diet, but a way of life.

Giving Patanjali a voice

To build up trust of Patanjali, we needed to redo their voice for an American audience. We distilled the tone into three descriptors: stable, inclusive, and honest. Rather than make outlandish claims or speak down to people, we showed that Patanjali could serve anyone, as long as they were interested in their own wellness. Breaking down each pillar into easy-to-digest slides with examples helped guide other communications. Click on each image to enlarge.

The launch

We did an in depth customer journey using the tools of service design for someone seeking ayurvedic products in the US. Some sites provide the products, but the complex jargon drives people away. We wanted to simplify, not dumb down.

Since ayurveda centers on routine and small additions to your routine, we zeroed in on subscription boxes as a way to launch Patanjali. McKinsey reports that 15% of online shoppers have signed up to receive products on a subscription basis. The Patanjali subscription box would be a way for the brand to become familiar to customers and help build habits essential in ayurvedic practice.

To connect with customers and gather information on what products they would be interested in, we created a dosha test to help them choose products then planned out times when Patanjali could reach out via email with details on subscription boxes. We even suggested reaching out to local yoga studios to raise awareness for the brand. Below I’ve included our design framework that shows what Patanjali needs to do both at front-of-house and back-of-house.

The Subscription Box

Ayurveda centers on routine. Subscription boxes arrive on a routine basis. We thought these were a natural fit to launch Patanjali in the US. Along with our new voice, we introduced a more subdued color palette and design.

My role: collaborating on consumer journey, preliminary research, competitive audit, building out presentation, presenting work

The team for this project was Meredith Makhoul (ST), Mary Gray Johnson (ST), Kaitie Kovach (ST), and Julian Grimes (ST)