Camp Introvert

Introvert Survival Guide

It’s an extrovert’s world and we’re just living in it. We made a survival guide (an honest-to-God book!) to get through the stickiest situations.

Click on images to enlarge. If you want a hard copy, email me at meredithmakhoul@gmail.com

Life of an Introvert

Advertising is full of unapologetic extroverts. However, Lauren and I are not. We crave solitude at the end of the day. We hover in the corner at parties and pray for there to be a dog to pet. Being an introvert often feels like just surviving in social situations so we thought, why not make a guide? We got inspiration from vintage Boy Scout guides from the 1970s and wrote a book to help the introvert navigate the big, bad world of the extrovert. We made books and created a badge system to inspire introverts to embrace their antisocial tendencies.

Excerpt from The Introvert Survival Guide

“Welcome! Or should we say, welcome. As you well know, too many exclamation points can scare off an introvert. And that’s what led you here: knowledge and understanding of that most delicate type of person. The shy kid, the quiet one, the one who whispers questions to their friends to ask the teacher because raising your hand in class makes you feel like your stomach is going to fall out of your butt. The Introvert: we speak to your soul.*

This handbook is a guide to survival for the introvert in the world of the extrovert. From walking to work to talking to your roommate, the world is fraught with social danger. Even if the practical tips contained between these covers fail, you can use the book as a physical barrier between you and the outside world. Cover your face and scurry like a crab to the nearest safe haven.

Please enjoy.

*We aren’t really speaking right now, obviously don’t want to overwhelm you. You are probably tucked away in some nook reading this. Don’t worry no one is paying attention to you. “We speak to you” is merely a figure of speech.”


Two patches an introvert can earn in the Introvert Survival Guide

The team for this project was Lauren Acampora (AD) and Meredith Makhoul (ST)